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About Hero Tires

With years of professional racing
Nan Chang, Jiang Xi - considered today the “City of Heroes ”. In ancient Chinese history, many of the most renowned artists, writers, doctors, scientists, warriors, leaders and generals all left significant footprints in this city. In more recent history, Nan Chang is the birthplace of the People's Liberation Army, the city “where the army flag rises”. Based in Nan Chang, arising from the “City of Heroes, we appropriately named our tires - Hero Tires. Today, Hero Tires is considered to be the best and top performing China-made tire, destined to leave a name and mark in Chinese history, a hero of its own. This is what we are and what we intend to continue to be – as a company, a team, we will continuously strive to be a leader, a model and an ideal in the tire industry. As a citizen, we have continuously given back to our society, our friends, and neighbors. A true hero will forever leave a mark in people's hearts, a leader, never a follower –Heroes are remembered. They leave a strong impression and footprint regardless where they pass. Hero Tires, developing products that people will always remember. “Everybody wants to be a Hero”.
Hero's logo and its supplementary image create a strong visual effect – an image of speed and precision, an illusion of a tire's patterns - a “scar” engraved deeply in the minds of all those who encounter Hero. Conquerors leave scars in all territories covered, all paths traveled. Others can only try to follow. Hero Tires, a true street warrior, leaving scars in every street battle, and only dust left for others to follow. This unique image not only represents the warrior that Hero is, but also pays tribute to the unique heritage of its origins – Nan Chang, China – “City of Heroes”. 
Hero Tires consists of five lines to fit all your needs: 
  1. Milanza – Ultra High Performance 
  2. Atlanta – Passenger Line 
  3. Dynastorm – Recreational Vehicle 
  4. Vanteza – Light Van 
  5. Alpaza – Winter Tires
Hero Tires will continuously strengthen efforts in R&D to research, develop and produce the best possible tires and provide the highest quality service for our customers. To achieve this, we will consistently invest in technology and people to remain competitive in the industry and to fulfill your needs. Throughout our website, Hero will share with you our products, our company, and we want to hear from you and let us know what you think about what Hero has to offer.
Brief History

Hero Tires began as Nanchang Rubber Plant in 1956 producing galoshes and rubber shoes. A year later, it merged with Nanchang City Car Repair Plant and Third Rubber Plant and in 1960, began production of bias PCR tires. Production of agricultural tires soon followed and in 1977, Nanchang Rubber Plant was declared as one of the top 16 major tire manufacturers in China . Motorcycle tire production began in 1980 and in 1984; the company was renamed as JiangXi Rubber Plant.
In 1997, Federal Corporation acquired 100% ownership of JiangXi Rubber Plant and changed its name to JiangXi Federal Tire (JFT). Under Federal's leadership and management, JFT entered into commercial tire production. Beginning in 1999, it began mass production of Hero brand tires, launched 60 to 80 series radials, followed by 50/55 series and 40/45 series and also began mass production of Federal brand tires. Today, Hero has consolidated its tires into 5 major families to fully serve our customers worldwide.
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